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Purpura is the name involves all of disease that presents red or purple discolored spots on the skin. The spots are caused by bleeding underneath the skin usually secondary to vasculitis.

01 Typical Purpura


Allergic purpura, also known as Henoch-Schönlein purpura., is named after doctors who first described the disease. Because this disease may caused by allergic immune response, it usually called allergic purpura . It is common type of vasculitis.

- pigmenting purpura

Pigmentory purpura also called “telangiitis”. The Spots on the skin is caused are caused by bleeding underneath the skin usually secondary to inflammation of the capillary vessel wall.

- livedoid vasculitis

Livedoid vasculitis also known as livedoid vasculopathy or livedo reticularis. Unlike other vasculitis have spots look like sprinkled chili powder, livedoid vasculitis is a common skin finding consisting of a mottled reticulated vascular pattern.


‘Idiopathic’ means it suddenly happened when a cause can’t be identified. With a specific cause being unknown, the number of platelets (whose function is to stop bleeding) decreases so it causes a purpuric rash.

The causes of purpura
The exact reason for purpura is not clear. Abnormal function of Immune system probably makes inflammation in blood vessels like other immune system diseases. Actually many of patients with purpura have appeared after suffering from infection of upper airway such as cold, vaccination or other heat disorder. Because these situation can cause immune response, it may affect purpura.
Then, why purpura is appeared incidentally? Any of disease can’t be arised incidentally. Most of purpura caused by heat. Like When water is boiled, it will boil over after sometime, purpura also made by heated blood. If poor eating habit, lifestyle or stress environment maintained for a longtime, blood will be heated. Unless this causes are corrected, even if purpura disappeared, it’s no choice but to recur again.
Dongkyung Korean medicine clinic’s purpura treatment

01Patent application

Dongkyung Korean medicine clinic(Dongkyung KMC) applied for a patent about at the very first in Korea. This patent is the first accomplishment in Korea as well as international purpura field known as there is no remedy. It’s expected to be the starting point of the following research of purpura.

02FDA judged eligible for safety standard

Jarotang(JRT) that is being prescribed to purpura patients in our clinic is has been approved by Microbat laboratories which is certified by American FDA. Microbat conducts tests on 200 types of harmful substances, including heavy metals, pesticide residues and all our medicines have passed the safety requirements.
The Herbs that are been used also passed rigorous quality inspection from Korea Food and Drug Administrations and it is managed only through certified Korean medicine doctor.

03Publication of professional purpura book

Dongkyung Korean medicine clinic(Dongkyung KMC) published professional purpura book of this clinic’s research resuting and know-how at the very first in Korea. Dongkyung KMC received evaluation that it is helpful for relieving questions of physicians and patients by providing specific information about purpura treatment, despite short of professional book of related field.

04Presentation of paper

The paper is about analysis of the treatment outcome of the patients who are prescribed Jarotang(JRT). It is published in Enlish by Korean Pharmacopuncture Institute, and it proved effect of purpura treatment only by Korean medical treatment without Western medical treatment.

Treatment and consultation
You need to visit Dongkyung Korean medicine clinic in order to be treated.
Our treatment is served by booking system, so you should make a reservation before visiting.
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